Utilize all possible channels of communication available.

Control channel effectiveness and compare yourself with others.

Plan actions based on knowledge acquired from the past.


Management Platform for Shopping Malls

Interactive Kiosks, Digital Signage, Website, Mobile App, Social Media, E-mail & SMS Marketing - manage all your communication channels from one place. Our Marketing Management Platform combines hardware, software and API standards in order to provide the missing link in Shopping Centers marketing. But the Platform is just the beginning. What makes our Platform unique is that we are also providing services outsourcing. We take responsibility for keeping all the communication channels full with fresh and relevant info from all stakeholders. We also take the responsibility for events, contests, lotteries and loyalty schemes organization.


We belive that customer loyalty towards shopping malls is not the myth from the past. But to leverage it, the Shopping Center has to be more and more active in relevant communication with customers.

Andrzej Łapeta, Above Awards CEO


Thousand clicks

At least so many times customers are seraching for specific tenant at interactive kiosks in just one shopping center.

This number is several times bigger than number of visits on the center website. We are calling all these customers - traditional - non-mobile. With so much interactions, it is of utmost importance to provide the relevant information on every click.

Location and way finding are of course very important. But our Kiosks software provide more. The relevant in-context info is presented on right side about tenant offer, news, promotions. This is also tailored to registered customer behavior.


Shop info

It could be just the basic set of infor regarding tenant - like: short shop description, front image, contact data. But this could also be more detailed info including short lookbook or invitation for the event.


If there is a news or event information regarding selected tenant it will be shown in the convenient browser before basic shop info. In this way tenant is able to provide the most important info first.



Promotions & vouchers

However if there is current promotion or rebate vouchers available we assume that this is the best place to inform customers about it. That is why this info is delivered first - preceding any news or basic info.

It is logical. If there is a promotion - we should do everything to make it work.


Receipts scans

This result was achived in 3 weeks lottery in just one shopping mall. Half of that scans ended in rebate voucher printout.

This outstanding result was achieved thanks to our unique lottery model. We are using special paper rolls for cash registers with barcode on the other side. It is so easy and convenient to just scan the code from receipt and check the reward.

Omnichannel Marketing


What it means - Omnichannel?

Even if close in literal meaning to Multi-Channel Marketing, it is more about creating the seamless experience stream rather than just the usage of multiple communication channels. Omni-Channel means in fact that all communications channels should be treated as one and should be perceived by customer as one continuous stream.

In Shopping Malls reality Omni-Channel Marketing means that not only all communication channels (touch screens, website, mobile app, etc.) should share the same CMS system, but more importantly that offers, messages or interactions should look and behave the same. Moreover they should be personalized based on customers interactions in other channels. For instance: when the customer redeemed the particular voucher taken from touch screen in the Center, the content of Center’s website during his next visit should be changed according to this fact. This will create unique experience, which will result in increased customer engagement and loyalty. But this will also increase the conversion ratio from more precisely targeted messages.


Rabatomat is the most important part of our Platform hardware infrastructure for shopping centers. It is the interactive directory of shopping center equipped with at least two additional parts needed for promotional activities: bar code reader and voucher printer. Main purpose of Rabatomat within Platform is to distribute personalized Rebate Vouchers. Other usage is to support lotteries, contests or other similar promotional activities.

The rationale behind combining promotional and way-finding functionality in one furniture is very strong. Even considering fast adoption of mobile applications - interactive stands still are the main source of information about shopping mall.

  • Shoppers continuous segmentation
  • Distribution of printed vouchers via kiosks
  • Automated Marketing Communiaction
  • Easy to use management tools & dashboards
  • Ready to run rewarding schemes